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Marriage License Information

In Oregon,  and in Washington, your marriage license can come from any County and be good in that or any other County.  

Your License is only good for 60 days. If you go over that time period, it becomes null and void and you would have start all over, including paying another fee.  

Legally, you are supposed to have your Marriage License for 3 days before you can get married.  A County can waive the 3 day waiting period, if asked.  Sometimes there is a fee to waive the three days.  

For those of you who live out of town, some Counties allow you to apply for your license by mail.

You need to have a Certified Copy of your signed Marriage License, in order to make any name changes, etc.  You can either go back to the County where you got your License, and pay them another fee to get that copy,  (usually $7.50 in OR, $3.00 in WA) or you can pay for it when you purchase your Marriage License, and they will send it to you after being recorded in their system.  

It usually takes a couple of weeks (if you get married in the busy summer months) for the County to get your license recorded before you can get copies.  A Certified copy is necessary to have if the bride is planning on changing her name and/or if the groom is going to put the bride on his Insurance, etc.

The DMV should probably be your first stop, then the Social Security Administration.  I would suggest you visit these two establishments in person.  That way, they can take care of the changes right in their computer.

The State of Washington laws are similar to Oregon and I'm a Licensed Officiant authorized to perform weddings there, also.  

For more information, your best resource is always your County Clerk. 

Thinking of Eloping or having "just" a Justice of the Peace type of ceremony??  Not a problem.  Just let me know if you would like me to officiate for you at my home, your home or a park, etc.

Beautiful Same Sex ceremonies are some of my absolute favorites. And now that you can be legally married in Oregon and Washington.....WooHoo!

Jail Weddings are a bit different obviously, as only one of you is available to get the Marriage License.  The BEST Counties to get your Oregon ML in, are Washington County and Marion County, as those folks deal in these types of marriages all the time.  

You can get your application for a ML on line.  The application can be obtained anytime, but remember that the actual Marriage License is ONLY good for 60 days, so don't get it too early.  

You have to fill it out, sign then send it (or take it) to whoever is incarcerated.  They fill out their part and sign it.  They give it back to you.  You then take it back to whatever county you got it from (not too early, remember) and THEN  pay for your ML.  Be sure and pay for your Certified Copy at the same time.  That way they will send it to you once they receive confirmation that you got married and then enter you in their system.

That county will give you a manila envelope with your ML and a really nice Marriage Certificate, which you can put in a book or hang from a wall), along with some other things, like pamphlets on not smoking while pregnant, etc.  

Lovely Celebrations of Life are a wonderful way to celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed on.  People or pets.  

Pre-marital counseling is available, for those of you who would like a session.  However, it is NOT a requirement by me.

Please don't hesitate to call or e-mail me for more information on any of these ceremonies.

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